Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Invited Articles

Scholl, R. 2015. Peptische Ulzera und Helicobacter pylori: Wie wir wissen, was wir wissenTherapeutische Umschau 72(7): 475–480.

Book Reviews

Scholl, R. 2019. Review of Jutta Schickore: About Method. Experimenters, Snake Venom, and the History of Writing Scientifically. NTM Zeitschrift für Geschichte der Wissenschaften, Technik und Medizin 27(1): 107–108.

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Other Writings

Scholl, R. 2012. Workshop Report: Causality and Mechanisms in Philosophy of Science, 24–25 NovemberThe Reasoner 6(3): 41–42.

Scholl, R. 2010. Commentary on Paolo Rossi Monti. In Balzan Prizewinners, Interdisciplinary Forum 2009. Milano: Fondazione Internazionale Premio E. Balzan.